Referral Program

Help another organization succeed with their technology troubles

Earn money while saving a friend or colleague

Simply refer another organization, friend, or colleague to us, and receive a $100.00 gift card upon acceptance of our solution plan. You get to earn some extra money and help save someone from their technology troubles.

To get started, just complete the two step form below. One of our solution engineers will reach out to you first to confirm some details.

Magoo Referral Program

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Who would be a good referral?

  • Any business experiencing technology issues; or a business that could use technology assistance.
  • The provided contact must be in a position to authorize services.

How do I know who to refer?

  • You can refer others that may be in the same industry, professional organization, or within a shared group.
  • You can also refer your clients, vendors, relatives or friends with the confidence they will be treated properly.

How do I get you their information?

  • Simply complete our referral form. There are two steps; (1) your information, (2) the information for the person/ organization you are referring.
  • Referrals must be submitted through our referral form to be eligible for a gift card(s).

I would prefer to stay anonymous.

  • We will need your information to send the gift card, but we do not need to disclose who referred us to their organization.

How much do I get for the referral?

  • All referrals for an organization are eligible.
  • The client must accept our solution proposal.
  • Both Managed Service and Co-Managed services will produce a gift card from $100-$1,000.
  • Other services accepted will produce the minimum of $100 gift card.
  • There is no annual cap for our referral program.

How can I ensure they accept the proposal and I get my gift card?

  • Speak with your referral regarding your experience, or other’s experience with Magoo.
  • Directly introduce Magoo to your friend or colleague.
  • Provide as much detail as possible to our solution engineer about your friend or colleague’s issue.

To get started, just complete the form

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