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Not Included


(Only When

Fully Managed

(Full-Time IT Department)


or Device)


(Supplement Internal Teams)
Service & Support
Guaranteed response time (SLA)
24/7 Monitoring
Update Management
Supported 3rd Party Applications
Fully Managed Network
Unlimited Remote Support
24/7 Helpdesk
8/5 Helpdesk
24/7 Network Monitoring / Management
ERD (Monitored / Managed Antivirus)
Vulnerability Scanning
Quarterly Business Review
Asset / Inventory Management
Vendor Management
IT Budget Preparation
24/7 Services
8/5 Services
Backup & Disaster Recovery Monitoring
Backup & Disaster Recovery Testing
Unlimited Onsite Services
*Custom packages to suite your needs available on request.
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-Frequently Asked Questions-

Can I mix and match plans for each device?

To eliminate confusion between items covered, all devices must be on the same plan. Software licensing may vary on a per-device basis as the needs of each device may differ.

Do I need to sign up for a service plan? I just want to call when I need support.

You do not need to sign up for a plan to receive support. If you elect this service, please keep in mind that our managed partners (with support plans) receive the highest priority. Individuals and agencies that are not-managed are considered support as available.

What are the contract terms for these plans?

Magoo does not require our clients to sign a contract. All service terms are assigned within an agreement, and may be terminated at anytime if you no longer see value with our service.

Do I get free support with my software license?

Basic support is provided with each software licensing. If Magoo manages your subscription, as your IT department, service time would be billable or covered under another service agreement.

Can I receive service / support after hours?

Our staff is available 23/7 for service and support tickets. If your organization has not subscribed to an after hours service plan, that support would be billable at our overtime (after hours) rate.

Do you provide service / support for individuals, not businesses?

We can support general consumers along with all business types and industries.

How am I billed for my service?

You will receive a monthly invoice by email. You may view all your account services and tickets through our partner portal, and schedule payments online.