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We are looking for a skilled IT Engineer with superior problem solving abilities.

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About the job
A successful IT Engineer has a broad knowledge of technologies and enjoys solving problems. They have excellent communication skills and keep up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in the industry. A Magoo IT Engineer will work with his designated IT Team to ensure partner's IS systems facilitate their business growth.

What we can offer

Salary Range: $30 - $50/hr

Sign On Bonus: $3,000

Location: Effingham, IL

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We welcome talented individuals to send open applications at all times. We are currently looking to fill this position, provided the right candidate.

IT Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Maintain expert knowledge of networking skills within enterprise environment
  • Identify and resolve system issues through the use of internal - external documentation and peer articles
  • Develop partner IT environment utilizing a systems approach
  • Comprehensively document work, and develop support articles for support teams
  • Manage simultaneous projects, and complex schedules
  • Diligently and proactively support partner operations

IT Engineer Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or applicable prior experience
  • Extensive knowledge of computer hardware systems
  • Knowing security protocols, IT systems, networking infrastructures and database systems
  • Managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Working with inter-disciplinary teams to craft IT solutions
  • Communicating complex information to a non-technological audience
  • Troubleshooting technology problems
  • Familiarity in most server operating systems, AD, VMWare, SQL, C++, Web Application Dev
  • Functional knowledge of multiple database types and database queries

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