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Spring clean your computer & network devices

Life is a little brighter as spring comes closer, but now is the time to

Life is a little brighter as spring comes closer, but now is the time to pay attention to your electronics before they push up daises.

Here at Magoo, we pay particular attention to your information systems and Spring. To better prevent data loss, we conduct Spring cleaning to check your systems, backup applications, and ensure power supplies are adequately protecting your digital assets.

System Cleaning

Information systems require periodic maintenance to ensure your system runs efficiently, and to prevent data loss due to failure or natural threats. Most computer systems require two kinds of maintenance. Physical maintenance and software maintenance.

  • Physical Maintenance: Internal components should be checked to ensure wires are secured, and all excess dust is removed from the system. Internal components should be checked to ensure they are free from defect corrosion, and foreign material. If the system is over four years old, consider replacing the CMOS battery to prevent irrecoverable data loss. (Caution: removing the CMOS battery while powered down may wipe you BIOS)
  • Software Maintenance: Similar to hardware components, software components also require periodic maintenance and provide key information on how your hardware is operating. Checks should be conducted regarding error logs, and physical components for evidence of drive failure or other problems. Periodic maintenance should be conducted through scheduled tasks, but you need to verify these are being conducted. Check your antivirus and other subscriptions to ensure they are operating as desired. You should also ensure your operating system, java, and other components are being updated and current to prevent unwanted security issues.

Power & Protection

Similar to other hardware components, you should check your power supply. Power cords for electronics should be protected from fault, overload, or other electrical issues. Technology devices should have a minimum of surge protector to prevent damage from power surges. Most devices should have an UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to prevent damage in the event of power outages or irregularities in power.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Check that important files are being saved in alternate locations in the event of a storage malfunction. You should store important digital documents or photographs in alternate locations like thumb drives, backup discs, cloud storage, or any other locations that you could recover your data in the event of fire, theft, or drive malfunction. Key computers should have “bare metal recovery” plans where the system could be recovered immediately in the event of problems.

Please take a moment out of your Spring planning and check your computer systems and components. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of tears.

Get help from your IT professionals.

Our Technical Support Service team is here to help you with your Spring cleaning. Contact to ensure your critical components are performing at peak capacity this Spring.

Do you want help with your Spring cleaning? Contact us for a free quotation and 15 point Spring checkup on your IS systems.

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