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Is it time to switch my IT service company?

If you are asking this question, it is time!

If you have ever caught yourself wondering “is it time to switch IT service companies?”, the time is now.

You are contemplating this question for due cause. Why wait for that final straw to consider that the grass is greener on the other side. You may only be aware of brown grass, and may never be fully aware of the issues hiding underneath the soil. The grass is greener on the other side, why wait any longer?

Most of the partners I consulted were not aware of underlying issues that plagued their business. They were unhappy with their provider for multiple reasons, but didn't fully understand how much those reasons were affecting their ability to conduct business, or future issues that had not yet developed. Over time, they just assumed that all businesses had IT issues of that nature. Finally, after months of loathing their current provider, they finally made a call to see if the grass was greener with another company.

After transitioning to a new provider, the client discovered that their IT issues were greater than they had ever imagined. Most systems had been massively neglected, missed critical security patches, and they were also delinquent on HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or other regulatory requirements. In rare circumstances, critical systems had to be rebuilt because of the condition their critical infrastructure was in.

If you are asking yourself "is it time to switch IT service companies", please consider this strong warning that there is more issues lingering than what you currently know.

"I must say I used to hear some sort of complaint every time I walked into the building about a network or printing issue or something to the sort and I have not heard anything since you have worked on things. I greatly appreciate your help on this, I don’t believe things have worked this well in 10 years 😊" Jeremy

 You may seem stuck with your current IT company for multiple reasons.

There are many reasons that you may be reluctant to change IT companies. You may be locked into a service contract. You may be concerned that another company may be worse. You may also fear starting from scratch with a company that "does not know my company setup", or "There isn't another company in my area". Regardless, these are all barriers that can be overcome. There is greener grass out there, and you deserve it.

All of these barriers are easily overcome by professional IT companies. They often onboard new clients weekly, and are skilled at managing IT infrastructure across all verticals. In the end, the only barrier may be your anxiety regarding change.

"Just went with Magoo & Associates.  The onboarding process has been second to none. So different than who we were using prior.  This has been one of the best decisions we have made.  John and his team are knowledgeable and responsive.  Glad to give them a very high recommendation." -Robert

 So how can you find a better IT company to guide and support your business… greener grass?

Now that I have given you hope of finding greener grass, let me rain on your parade for one moment. Seriously, this is important. The IT Service Industry is not regulated like other professional businesses. This is important to know because your current IT company (or future) could have been fired from their IT job and opened a company with no training or knowledge to support your business. As you look for greener grass, I have the tools for you.

I have two solutions to assist you with finding a greener pasture.

Solution #1 ask your current and prospect company to answer 21 critical questions that a computer consultant should know. I have provided a copy, just click the image to the left.

Solution #2 contact me for two free hours of consulting services to identify strengths and weaknesses of your current IT support plan.


About the author:

A short story about this author. My name is John Maguire, and I am a solution engineer with Magoo & Associates. My job is to ensure Magoo supports their business, and construct a secure and reliable plan to attain their business goals. I have dedicated most of my life serving others in the military, paramedicine, and law enforcement. I traveled all over the United States training and working Cyber Crimes. After noticing a need for professional IT services and cyber security, I began my journey with Magoo. Today, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a team that delivers the best service possible to our clients.

Each of our partners are provided a dedicated team to service their company with 24/7 monitoring and support if needed. Magoo leverages our partner status with most technology innovators to ensure onsite and remote service for your business. In some cases, we are the factory certified repair technicians for warranty service. With over 1.5 million products and services over the Midwest, we are large enough to handle your needs without loosing the personal touch.

1-844-624-6672 Ext 100