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Free Website Hosting

As we reflect on a wonderful year, we remember that December is a month of

As we reflect on a wonderful year, we remember that December is a month of giving. This holiday season, Magoo & Associates would like to give your business or organization a gift that keeps giving.

For a limited time, you can get your business or organization a free website, hosted on our servers, FREE! Use your current domain or a “your company” for FREE! In addition to this wonderful gift, we will give you a free license of Elementor to build your professional website.

Just complete the following form, and one of our hosting experts will contact you for your website setup.

You Get:

  • Free Shared Hosting
  • Free Account Setup
  • Free WordPress Installation
  • Free Website Backup
  • Free domain

Free Hosting Request


Free hosting offer is provided to new customers with a professional business or organization. The offer does not apply to existing customers, political organizations, or content that is deemed to be vulgar or sexual in nature. Free hosting is limited to 3 months with a sub-domain. Participants may substitute sub-domain with an actual domain, or purchase a domain through our Technical Support Services team. Licensed Elementor is provided for the duration of the term. Participants are encouraged to contact Magoo & Associates at 217-318-3084 with additional questions where necessary. Offer is further limited to 60 mile radius of Effingham City incorporated limits.