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2023 Service Enhancements

We reinvented the wheel to bring you a better service platform.

Reinventing The Wheel... We Made a Better Wheel

In late 2022, Magoo & Associates sought to reinvent IT services based on changes witnessed in the IT landscape since COVID-19. Magoo began by conducting significant research into the evolving landscape while leveraging our technology partners to create the “best in-class” solution for our partners. In doing so, we sought out to create a new service delivery platform from the ground up. Today, we are proud to announce these features to our partners.

Our new service delivery platform will begin to rollout February 13th through February 17th. All endpoints must be upgraded no later than February 23rd. Software upgrades will be implemented during your scheduled maintenance window. Please ensure that all endpoints are on, and connected to the internet during your maintenance cycle. Your account manager will be reaching out to reinforce your maintenance window date and time.

Question & Answer

(Q) Will this effect my business?

(A) No, you will most likely not know that the software has been upgraded.

(Q) Am I losing any capabilities with the upgrade?

(A) You may notice that the blue shield is missing from your system tray. Post software upgrade, this will be replaced with the new partner portal icon.

(Q) I am not a managed service client. Will this effect me?

(A) No, this software upgrade is for Managed Service partners only.

(Q) I have a Legacy Plan. Will I have access to the new partner portal?

(A) As an administrator, you will only have access to the partner portal.

(Q) I am staying on a Legacy Plan for now. Will I still receive the upgrade?

(A) All Managed Services partners will receive the software upgrade.

(Q) Why are you pushing the software upgrade?

(A) As an industry leader in the information technology field, we must maintain a forward approach to maintaining and securing our partner environments. In doing so, we determined that an upgrade in our service delivery software was required. Maintaining a legacy and advanced environment is not in the best interest of our partners and ourselves.

(Q) I want to upgrade to a 2023 Service Plan. How can I do that?

(A) Schedule a consultation session with your solution engineer HERE.

(Q) What exactly are you upgrading?

(A) As part of our management services, Magoo installs software applications that allows us to monitor and maintain your equipment. This software runs in the background and generally goes un-noticed. You may not even know that the software has been upgraded.

(Q) How will I know if machines are missing the upgrade?

(A) Your account manager will be reaching out if machines are missing the upgrade.

Good IT Isn't Good Enough

In researching our service delivery platform, we re-evaluated our service offerings based on current IT trends and the evolving cyber security landscape. Research showed us that good old fashion IT services does not meet the needs of current businesses globally. This consideration was not taken lightly, as Magoo has always offered clients the ability to select Break/Fix, Service Pool, and Fully Managed Service plans. Research was conducted on all break/fix plans to determine the implementation of appropriate cyber security controls by client administrators. Of the surveyed companies, unknown vulnerabilities persisted in almost all break/fix clients as IT needs were determined on outages alone. Minimal effort was identified to ensure appropriate application and network layers to adequately protect client assets.

Moving forward, Magoo & Associates, LLC will promote 2023 Managed Service plans for all clients based on the needs of their business and regulatory requirements of their industry. Legacy Break/ Fix clients will be encouraged to upgrade to a 2023 plan. Companies that plan on retaining a legacy plan will be required to sign a declination notice for recommended cyber security controls.

We Can't Do This Alone

Since we are implementing a completely re-designed delivery platform, we do require some assistance from our clients. We will begin upgrading software on your machines on February 13th through February 17th during your scheduled maintenance cycle. To assist in this conversion, all machines must be powered on, and connected to the internet at that time. Your account manager will be reaching out to confirm you maintenance date/time, and offer additional recommendations for this transition. All components must be upgraded prior to February 23rd.

2023 Cyber Security Challenge

Magoo is proud to announce our 23/24 Cyber Security Challenge. Research has shown us that 82% of data breaches are caused by human error. The challenge is free to our partners, and provides recognition to each member of their company for demonstrating dedication in protecting company IT systems, and cyber security policies.

Request 2023 Service Plan Upgrade

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